Yacatsol Music Presents

13 Rabbit

Mesoamerican Indigenous Mexican instrumentation + hip hop fusion. Indigenous past meets the present + the future. Sounds for people of the global majority.

About 13 Rabbit

The music of 13 Rabbit is produced by Ce Acatl Borsegui. 

Ce Acatl was born into an Indigenous musical family ensemble from Tonalá, Mexico whose roots span the course of several generations.  He was raised in the Indigenous ceremonial musical tradition of Mexico (Danza de Sonajeros of Jalisco) and has performed on stages across the world since childhood alongside his parents in Grupo Huehuetl

With a seasoned repertoire that spans the globe, for the past three decades he has served as a cultural ambassador of Indigenous Mexican music as a performer, teacher, and artisan specializing in millennary Mexican instrumentation.