A B O U T  Y A C A T S O L

Yacatsol is a border-crossing, multilingual, decolonial, “cura” music and art project by Iris Rodriguez of Xica Media. The name Yacatsol is one of the indigenous names of the Texas Hill Country.  It is a nahuatl-rooted word referring to a region of “noses” and “faces” on the stone.

A B O U T  I R I S

Iris Rodriguez is a network producerdigital strategistauthor, musical artist, and poet from San Antonio, Texas.  Since 2002 her projects have addressed issues such as environmental racism/justice, family detention, decolonization, cultural arts, guerrilla mediafeminism and public archives.  She is the founder of Xica Media, a Xicana-powered network of six independent multimedia channels.