Ayoyotes On The Ground – Yanawana (Musical Poem + Video)

Ayoyotes On The Ground – Yanawana (Musical Poem + Video)

Ayoyotes On The Ground was a prayer and call for danza in solidarity with the Sacred Stone Camp and to defend the water.  The movement crossed borders and languages, connecting danzas internationally.  This poem reflects upon the event held in front of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

We are people of the nopal, mesquite, corn, and prickly pear.
We come from sacred springs and hunting grounds.
We are people of the deer.

We still dwell in our enchanted forests and sacred birthplace of our humanity.
We live along the same rivers, springs, and trade routes as always
from the missions to the barrio, seguimos alli.

But old roads that once lead to medicine gardens, now lead to prisons, (chemical) plants, and concentration camps.  
Our land, lives, health, and families still remain under occupation and attack.

Yet  despite the hate, the borders, and the odds, we still connect with nature and all creation.
We hear Mother Earth calling us, asking us to help stop the desecration.

The war upon our her and our brown bodies is connected.
It’s one that attacks all sacred geographies.
It’s time to act for Mother Earth now,
for ourselves, each other, and all humanity.

We rise up to take action. 
We hear the call because we still recognize the sound.
Our existence is resistance.
Our Ayoyotes are On The Ground.

Special feature: Ayoyotes On The Ground, a short film by Laura Varela.


Original image used to create post image by E’Sha Hoferer at the Sacred Stone Camp

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    Love it! Keep up the great work you are doing, soul sister. <3

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