El bautizo de la bruja

“So what do you want to do?” she asked. I stared myself in the mirror for a second.   “Cut it all off.” That night I went home and took…

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The Killing of Tlazoteotl

"We're killing Tlazoteotl.  She's dying," the abuela said nervously to the circle. Her breath became rapid as everyone's jaws hit the floor and simultaneously became silent. I felt a cold…

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Artillería empacada en nuestras bolsas medicinales. Memorias, almas y palabras listos para la vida, muerte o guerra, obedeciendo las direcciones del universo. Memorias imprimidas en nuestras ceremonias  las que nos…

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The Red Roads of Texas
"Three Hills" by Iris Rodriguez. Near Medina Lake at the Bear Creek Ranch Subdivision. This shot was taken a few months after the sale of inherited land by a white woman who inherited it from her pioneer grandfather, who took it from the native peoples. This was part of several thousand acres that were becoming subdivided and sold.

The Red Roads of Texas

Vast stretches of open land, almost untouched and undisturbed on many occasions did console and guide me safely. Often I ventured off the grid and away from the busy city to…

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War blossom
Iris Rodriguez (Books)

War blossom

I have made many difficult decisions and have had my body, my identity, my reality and my legality grossly dissected. But despite this and for the purposes of survival, I…

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La Diosa

* A poem for the inner diosa * I am the fertile soil of the universe, my mind is pregnant with possibility. The power of creation is inside of me,…

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For the Xicana warrior
"Xicana battlefields" by Iris Rodriguez

For the Xicana warrior

A word of encouragement for all the xingonas out there taking a stand, asserting their dignity, dismantling oppression and leaving toxic situations. From one yaocihuatl to another...

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El viento

throughout the barrios the colonias and the ciudades the wind el viento ehecatl sursurra whispers volando el viento va limpiando cleaning out our communities by sweeping out all those old…

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Insurrection Code 314

The mother sat with their babies in the dark quiet waiting to be fed frack mush during meal time waiting for those few minutes the lights would be turned on…

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