Xicana with an X

She lifted up the back of her shirt slowly. She had forgotten all about it since the day the mirror broke. She reached as far as she could up her back with her finger and found it. There it was.

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Letters from the inside – a poem

Here is a link to 20+ handwritten (and now digitized, shareable) letters, written and drawn by imprisoned mothers and children, for your review. Please take a moment to read them, they were written just for you...

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Reconnecting with the bruja in me

I've learned a lot of things in my time here in Mexico. I learned how to wash clothes by hand, was reminded of the sacredness of water (clean water), and many other things.

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Yanaguana, 1984

Once there was a little girl somewhere around the age of four in a city in the land whose name had been forgotten but that they now called "San Antonio."…

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Indigenous Xicana Rising
Fuerza de Mujer by Acaxochitl Cavazos

Indigenous Xicana Rising

I come from Texas. I am indigenous. I am Xicana. I am Nican Tlaca. We might not remember her indian names any more but Texas was and is holy land.

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Cana Nation Rising

Every smile and every tear I've shed has embedded itself deeply in the follicles of the hairs on my head.   Cana nation rising spewing forth warriors by the dozens.  …

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Dolores, today I am angry. Angry at my blind assumption, believing what the news tells me, making you just a face, and your city, even though I travel by it everyday, just a local blurb on the 10 o’clock news.

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