El bautizo de la bruja

El bautizo de la bruja

“So what do you want to do?” she asked.

I stared myself in the mirror for a second.  

“Cut it all off.”

That night I went home and took a shower.  Something inside me had shifted.

My coarse hair began to shift into wavy locks down my back.  The eagle in my eyes spread its wings.

My nose took command of my face.  My lips became plump red.

Ahhh, yes.  The elixir.  I had forgotten.

I placed the bottle sweetly against my lips and whispered, “thank you.”  

My hair grew and grew, twirling into long waves that turned into roots in the earth beneath the concrete floor I stood upon.  

Suddenly my palms grew warm, then hot and painful.  As I lifted my hands to look at them, a sudden, small flash of light popped from the center of my palms.

The shadows began to dance and swirl around me and quickly7 dissipated into light.  

My eyes turned white and the wisdom of the ages shot into the crown of my head with a beam of light so bright my eyes began to burn.

My God.

Grandmother.  Grandfather.

Mother Earth, my pachamama, mi madrecita Tonantzin….

The pain in her cry for help became audible to my ear.  Warm fluid began to come out of my ears.  My vision began to swirl and then a darkness came over me.  

Then I saw her.  I began to see it all so clearly in my mind’s eye.  She carried the wisdom of the ages and all the sages embedded in her womb.  



“It isn’t your time to go.”

All of a sudden in a flash I became enveloped in celestial dust that swirled in a vortex from my rooted hair to my feet to my legs, up my body and up past my crown.  The white beam of light withdrew from my crown and I returned into myself.

I looked in the mirror.

My reflection smiled back at me, lowered her eyes to look at my soul directly and said: “It has been cut.  Now fly.”



bookExcerpt from the upcoming Xicana Chronicles book, Return to the Red Road

Release date:  2017.  It is only available for presale at this time.  To reserve your copy and support this work, please click here.

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  1. Richard Ramirez

    I absolutely love your poetry and insight. You are intuitively in contact with your ancestral being. As the believers in Hinduism believe, to attain true Spiritual bliss, we must transcend the lives of the soul to achieve a state of pure energy. There, the light is center of all that is.

  2. Lily

    This is beautiful. Saying anything else is redundant. Absolutely beautiful.

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