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Music by Iris Rodriguez, multidisciplinary artist, musician, and vocalist.

About Iris

Iris Rodriguez is a digital strategist, immersive web designer, artist, writer, and network producer.

She was born and raised in her ancestral lands of Yacatsol Dacate Yanaguana Somi Se’k, otherwise known as the so-called Edward’s Plateau and San Antonio, Texas. She is of Karankawa and Coahuilteca  descent (so-called Xicana) and mixed-race Cuban. She is a  Mexica dancer and a student of the Nahua Toltecayotl from the Chimalhuacan Atemajac Tonallan territory also known as Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico.

Her work sits at the intersection of art and immersive technology with a specific focus on culture, decolonization, rematriation, environment, social justice, and digital resistance. She is the founder of Xica Media networks and has been actively involved in international collaborations for the public that use digital power towards decolonization, liberation, and positive social change since 2002.

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Nahuatl / Spanish / English Lullabies

Medicine Songs to the
Four Directions

La Cultura Nos Cura
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As of 2021, Yacatsol has self-produced six albums.

Cenzontle (2019)
La Cultura Nos Cura (2017)
Lullabies in Nahuatl / Spanish / English (2017)
Return to the Red Road (2016)


As of 2021, Yacatsol has self-produced six albums.

Caracol - Barrio Hood Mix
Canto A La Tierra
Mother Earth Is Calling (Cumbia Mix)
La Cultura Nos Cura