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La Cultura Nos Cura


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“La Cultura Nos Cura” by Yacatsol (Iris Rodriguez) © 2016 Yacatsol

Yacatsol is a border-crossing, multilingual, decolonial, “cura” musical art project by Iris Rodriguez of Xica Media.

This song is dedicated to the culture workers, the curanderxs, the brujxs, the warriors and the decolonizers out there. It was composed, recorded, and produced during a full moon.

NOTES: (1) The name Yacatsol is one of the indigenous names of the Texas Hill Country. It is a nahuatl-rooted word referring to a region of “noses” and “faces” on the stone. (2) “Ce,” “Ome,” “Yei,” and “Naui” are the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Nahuatl.

#Xicanx #CuraMusic #BrujxPop #Guaracherx

Composition and lyrics: Iris Rodriguez
Instrumental loops: DJ Tamalero Guarachero

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