Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird

blue dots

Surrounded by the cold white walls of a state prison

a slave of the system, a womyn bound by white man’s law

sees a tiny creature of God

a tiny sparrow attempting to fly

just outside.


It heads straight for the walls

hitting it hard

and falling

again and again

trying to fly away,

trying to go free,

trying to escape.


A little brown bird

a tiny creature

so small in such a big world

so little in the scheme of this womyn’s incarcerated life

one in of a flock of millions.


But she sees the man made walls that deter it

and knock it down,

just like her.


And she sees

That in the near distance

the prison cat patiently waits

just around the way

for a meal.


This forgotten yet unforgotten soul

from her imprisoned world

makes her shackled way quietly

to this little brown bird

and takes it into her hands.


Two creatures of God

one great and one small

both seeking freedom.


And from her great human hands

straight from her heart

she takes the little brown bird

gently into her palms and

lifts it up

gently guiding it higher

up past that prison wall


up into the skies

into to the outside world

asks it to speak to Creator for her.


She sets it free.


A test of faith

a sign from God

that even the smallest things

and the things that seem hopeless

do indeed have a chance

to make it.


This great womyn, with chains wrapped around her ankles

slowly turns and walks back

back into the cold grey walls that confine her

back into the cold grey walls that now define her

back into the prison cell

and awaits an answer

praying for her chance to be paroled

to know freedom

to fly again.


ABSTRACT: This poem was based on a real story and is dedicated to the womyn and mothers who are locked up in prison (particularly in the State of Texas) whose voices were silenced and freedoms were taken by force through legal, judicial and/or financial means.  This poem is in recognition of the war on womyn in Texas, and in particular the war against mothers.