Mother Earth Is Calling (Offical Video)

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Yacatsol is a border-crossing, multilingual, decolonial, “cura” musical art project

Mother Earth is calling us to help her
and it’s come down to now – or neverEarth – land we depend on
is sacredAir – the air that we breathe
is sacred

Fire – light you carry inside
is sacred

Water – from the womb, earth, and sky
is sacred


Mother Earth Is Calling (Cumbia Mix) by Yacatsol (Iris Rodriguez)
Cumbia sample by Bleepolar
Produced by Tezcatlipoca Records (Copyright 2017)VIDEO
Produced and edited by Iris Rodriguez, Cesar Castañeda
Production companies: Tezcatlipoca Records / Grapa Producciones
Locations: Mexico, United StatesMEXICO
Director of Videography
Cesar Castañeda / Grapa Producciones
Location: El Cerro De La Reina / Jalisco

Director of Videography
Abad Leyva / Kalli Comunidad, Encinal Oakland
Location: Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve / Oakland, California

Prayer warrior in Oakland ceremony scene
Beto Ome Mazatl Fuentes
(C) 2017 Tezcatlipoca Records / Xica Media (Audio)
(C) 2017 Tezcatlipoca Records / Xica Media / Grapa Producciones (Video)