Palabra:  The science of Mission, Texas

Palabra: The science of Mission, Texas

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“DDT levels nearest the Hayes Sammons site were as much as 582 times higher than the average for locations further away.”

For years I have wondered and prayed for the right time to share this story – an unwritten chapter of the toxic legacy of Mission, Texas – because it should never fade from collective memory.

I’ll tell you now that this story is raw and there are many ways to tell and share it.  I’ll start by revealing a previously secret document.  It is a controversial donation for this blog/living library to inherit.

I chose to start this chapter with the words of the scientific experts because 1. the attorneys didn’t want the community to know and 2.  racism and the cult of expertise demand that I do so.

Some might question how I obtained this document.  All I can tell you is that through the hands of a warrior it was handed to me and the universe had given it to her as a present.

Here is a video that will give some context and help you achieve a better understanding of the information you are about to receive:

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And here are the words and reports of the scientific world-renown “experts” that got called in for the infamous community contamination lawsuit.   But the legal case was a poisoned tree with toxic fruit.

Nonetheless, I will digress, and just mention there is more to come.  I am bound by my word and honor to share these stories in the spirit of remembrance and revolution.

Mission, Texas was a government-backed, corporate,  intergenerational, living science experiment.  Mission birthed Agent Orange and raised Monsanto way back in the day.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  This is what the experts had to say:

Depo 1 – R Clapp

Depo 2 – T Farber

Depo 3 – F Gardener

Depo 4 – J Hughes

Depo 5 – M Kaltofen

Depo 6 – V Rose

Depo 7 – W Sawyer

Depo 8 – R Schuhmann

Dr. Simon 2002