Xicana Manifesta

Xicana Manifesta

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I am a Xicana, a descendant of the first nations of Texas, the US and Mexico and part of a generation that has been called back to the Red Road. A warrior wombyn reborn, I stand with feet planted firmly in the earth and root my children in the ancestral memories of our [email protected], walking a medicine path through ceremony and everyday life, recognizing and respecting the relationship between our selves, each other, the earth and the universe. I believe that food is medicine and that the beautiful and abundant earth we dwell upon is alive and that we must nurture our relationship with it.

I am from a land of many histories. I may not be from a reservation or know my tribal identity because I am of a generation that for generations has lived under colonization. I am one of many daughters and sons of the original peoples of this place, that through time and fate are coming to understand our relationship with colonization. We are coming to understand our relationship with each other as native peoples under colonization. We are coming to understand our relationship with ourselves and our families under colonization.

At the same time and at this time myself and many others have been gifted with a connection back to the old way…detribalized but not dead…born in a time where society is out of harmony with itself and the earth, but also in a time of reawakening, a shift in global, communal and personal consciousness. I am born in the time of reconnection, where my generation stands in solidarity with our native brothers and sisters across the continents as we collectively work towards a healthier world for our children than what our peoples have endured.

I am a Xicana. And I stand in solidarity with the Idle No More movement and Chief Teresa Spence. http://www.idlenomore.com/

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